What’s New

  • Regulatory Deadlines Are Approaching: OSHA’s Recordkeeping Rule and GHS Compliance Next Year

    At last month’s Operations Managers meeting, one of the concerns expressed by many attendees was compliance with the new reporting requirements from OSHA. Janet Kopenhaver has provided a factsheet that includes the new reporting requirements, and some links to resources for finding out more information. This document is posted on the AWPA website. Click on the Members Home Page, log in, and go to the Operations Issues page under Programs. If you need assistance logging in to the website, contact the AWPA Office at info@awpa.org. Also in 2015, new Hazard Communication Standards begin, incorporating the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. These new regulations roll out in several phases. June 1, 2015 Manufacturers, distributors and importers of chemicals will have to have their chemicals reclassified and update GHS formatted safety data sheets and labels. By December 1, 2015 Distributors will begin sending only GHS formatted SDSs and GHS labeled products. By June 1, 2016, all employers will have to update their alternative workplace labeling and HAzCom programs as needed, and provide additional employee training for any newly identified physical or health hazards.

  • New Dumping Duty Rates for Carbon Wire Rod from Mexico

    Effective November 4, 2014, the following dumping duty deposit rates apply to Mexican producers/exporters of carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod: (a) Ternium Mexico S.A. de C.V. (successor to Hylsa S.A. de C.V.) – 17.94% (b) Deacero S.A. de C.V. – 12.08% (c) ArcelorMittal Las Truchas S.A. de C.V. (successor to Sicartsa) – 5.59% (d) All other Mexican producers/exporters – 20.11% There is currently an administrative review of the antidumping order which covers only Deacero during the period from October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013. The U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce) has issued its preliminary result in this review, which is a dumping margin of 0.59% for Deacero. However, Deacero’s current dumping duty deposit rate of 12.08% will remain in effect until Commerce publishes its final result in this review, which will probably occur in four to six months. The antidumping (AD) order on wire rod from Mexico covers carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod which is “5.00 mm or more, but less than 19.00 mm, in solid cross-sectional diameter.” In October 2012, Commerce found that wire rod from Deacero with an actual diameter of 4.75 mm to 5.00 mm was circumventing the AD order, and it applied the AD order to these products. Deacero appealed Commerce’s determination to the U.S. Court of International Trade, where the case is pending. The current duty rates continue to apply to 4.75 mm wire rod during the appeal.

  • Thank you to Aztech Lubricants for Sponsoring the AWPA Operations Managers Meeting!

    Each year the Operations Steering Committee works hard to put together a great meeting program, with information that Operations Managers can use immediately in their facilities. Aztech’s sponsorship helps AWPA keep the registration fees low, so more managers can attend and take advantage of the opportunity for education and networking. Thank you to Aztech Lubricants for their support! Additional sponsorship opportunities are available next year. If your company is interested in sponsoring the Operations Managers Meeting, contact Heather Outhuse in the AWPA Office, at houthuse@awpa.org.

  • AWPA Seeks Max Moore Award Nominations

    Nominations are now open for the 2015 Max Moore Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. Max Moore, owner and President of Oklahoma Steel and Wire and its affiliated companies, Southwestern Steel & Wire and Iowa Steel and Wire, was a dedicated and enthusiastic leader, who was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2000. Max was elected to the AWPA Board of Directors in 1990 and served in many leadership capacities throughout his tenure with the association. His enthusiasm for his business, family, employees and the community were evident in his daily life. In describing Max and his lifestyle, his family has provided the criteria by which an individual is selected to receive this distinguished honor. When soliciting nominations, we ask that you describe the nominee’s qualities in three areas: Entrepreneurial Spirit in their business life, Leadership, and Community Service. Nominees are drawn from among individuals who are with AWPA member companies. A description of the award and the nomination form are available on the AWPA Members Homepage.

  • Save the Date –2015 Annual Meeting, February 25-27 in Tucson, AZ

    The next meeting on the horizon is the Annual Meeting, February 25-27 in Tucson, Arizona. Mark your calendars now – you won’t want miss it! The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort and Spa is a beautiful location; with on-site golf and tennis, nearby hiking trails, and a plethora of museums and activities in the Tucson area, you may want to stay the weekend too! The pattern for 2015 shifts to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, so keep that in mind. See you in Tucson!

Meeting Highlights

Operations Managers Meeting in Houston Provides Information on Effective Management, OSHA Compliance, and More! Houston was the site of the 2014 Operations Managers Meeting. More than 60 operations personnel from 24 companies attended. The program included information on GHS and HazCom compliance from Brad Harbaugh at MSDSOnline. He gave a great rundown of the upcoming changes and deadlines that companies will be meeting as these new rules are implemented. He also discussed ways in which compliance could be achieved, and some challenges facilities may face as they implement their compliance plans. Paul Campbell, from Competitive Solutions, Inc. discussed performance-based tracking, and how it can help engage employees in considering how their own performance and productivity can impact company success. He also demonstrated ways in which to improve (and shorten!) meetings, and effectively use scorecard systems. Janet Kopenhaver, AWPA Director of Government Relations, gave a summary of the current regulatory agenda, and what managers can expect from OSHA, the EPA, and the NLRB in the new year. She also made some predictions for the mid-term elections. Jay Diman from Morgan-Koch wrapped up the general session with a presentation on wire-drawing equipment. Roundtable discussions focused on challenges in hiring and retaining employees. With older workers leaving the workforce, and a lack of qualified applicants, facilities are facing more and more challenges in filling positions. This issue is one that the AWPA will be revisiting in future meetings. Plant tours on Thursday included MMI and Insteel facilities. The presentations are posted to the Past Meetings page on the AWPA website, which AWPA members can access from the Members Home Page. Thank you to MMI and Insteel for hosting tours!